Why God?

5 Steps Towards the Gospel
Pastor Wen-Yau Hsieh

Luke 16:16 says that “the Law and the Prophets were until John; since then the good news of the kingdom of God is preached, and everyone forces his way into it.”

This verse tells us that everyone will want to force and find his way into the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ seems to say that true faith comes from the desire for God’s Kingdom, and that it's shown through the action of seeking the truth. Jesus has promised us that “...the one who seeks, finds...” (Luke 11:10). 

A lot of times, our attitude towards faith can probably be summed up by the following:

            Where is the truth?                                 Convince me!

For all the common (and fair) questions someone would ask about faith, it should also be fair to pose the opposite perspective.

If you ask...
  • Is there a God?
  • Can you prove there is a God?
  • Can you disprove evolution?

Then you 
should also be 
willing to ask:
  • Is there NO God?
  • Can you DENY there is a God?
  • Can you PROVE evolution?

With this being said, there's a range of belief.
You can either find yourself leaning towards totally not believing or somewhere closer to totally believing.

The start in the path towards full, unhindered belief is difficult because of the skeptical position many of us find ourselves starting at. It's difficult a lot of times because of what we've learned in life and because of our upbringing. Because of that background, it often does feel like the path towards full belief is more like a a steep, difficult, upwards climb instead of a leisurely stroll. 
As we learn more about God, we will reach a point where it will be difficult to balance disbelief with belief. As time goes on, keeping this balance becomes a struggle and  unsustainable. 
If we choose to take a "leap of faith",  continue to pursue God and accept His grace, we'll begin to see and realize how amazingly God has worked in our lives, no matter how ordinary we think our life is. With the revelations we gain and the confidence we find in it, it draws us in and we begin to slide towards complete belief and faith, which becomes becomes quicker and easier. 

To help our understanding and to help us seek God's kingdom, let's think about it in 5 steps.

Step 1: Know GodWith such a wonderful world, can there NOT be a Creator God? 
Step 2: Know the Bible 
How can this eternal God reach out to us and help us find Him?
Step 3: Know Yourself
"I'm basically a good person. Why do you say I'm a sinner?"
Step 4: Know Jesus
How does God allow us to know Him and know that He loves us?
Step 5: Accept Grace
Is faith a restriction of enjoyment and happiness, or is it abundant life?