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Announcements 10-9-11

posted Oct 11, 2011, 8:20 AM by James Lee
  1. The Love Letters for Fall 2011 is now accepting articles. Submissions can be sent to Sister Shan Zheng at
  2.  A team from the Christian Reformed Church will visit CCIC on coming Thursday (10/13) at 7:30pm. Council members please plan on attending. Church members are also welcome to attend.
  3. 10/22 (Next Saturday) 9:30 – 11:30am is Church Clean-up Day. Please come keep our building pleasing to the Lord!
  4. Seminars: Answers in Genesis10/22-24(Saturday to Monday) series of seminars (Answers in Genesis) by Dr. Terry Mortenson will be held at Grace Community Church (2707 Dubuque St. NE, North Liberty, 319-626-2040). Please invite friends and bring children and teenagers!
    • 10/22(Sat)
      • 6:30PM –How to think about Origin
    • 10/23(Sun)
      • 6:00PM –Millions of Years: where did the idea come from?
      • 7:15PM – Noah’s Flood: washing away millions of years
    • 10/24(Mon)
      • 6:00PM –Origin of Species: was Darwin right?
      • 7:15PM – Ape-men: the grand illusion
  5. 10/23 (Next Sunday) 2-5pm, students from the UI College of Pharmacy will be holding a free health fair at CCIC, including bone density and blood sugar test and a talk regarding various medical information. Please bring your relatives, neighbors, and friends!