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English Ministries

English College/Career Ministry
(ICCF: Iowa Chinese Christian Fellowship)

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Tuesday Prayer Meeting: 7:30 PM at Pastor Ed's
Wednesday Lunch: 11:30 AM - 1:15 PM at IMU River Room Cafe
Friday Bible Study: 7:30 PM at CCIC

We are a group ministering to English-speaking undergraduate and grad students at The University of Iowa, Kirkwood College, and other colleges and universities in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapid metro areas. Our group also consists of career folks that have already been through all that college stuff (for some of us... lots of it).

Think for a minute about life. Have you ever really given any serious thought to why you believe what you believe in? What the point of it all is?

Sadly, it's not just about learning how to be "good people". If that was the case, well, pretty much everything we'd be striving for would be a complete waste of time since there's probably an easier, more efficient, and more convenient way. Have you ever wondered if is an eternal purpose for your life?

Our challenge to you:
  • THINK about your purpose. There's so much more to life than just succeeding at school and careers. Have you ever thought about why you work so hard in life? Is life just about succeeding in this world? Even after you've "made it for yourself", will your efforts have an eternal impact? There is an eternal purpose for you, but have you ever given it serious thought what it is?
  • LEARN more about God. None of us expects to get good at math or science or our jobs by not putting in the time and effort to get better. The same is true for deepening our understanding of and relationship with the Lord. We're not saying that God can't or won't reveal Himself to you or convict you in other ways, but in the end we have to WANT to know Jesus better. How, you ask? Regularly read the Bible, regularly fellowship with a group of believers, regularly pray. There's a very good purpose for all of these beyond the act of doing it.
  • LIVE passionately for Jesus. Can people tell you desire to be more like Jesus? If you told your friends, classmates, or coworkers you're Christian, would they be shocked? Sometimes living for Christ is easy, sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it doesn't require sacrifice, but sometimes we're convicted to take a really honest look at the idols in our lives that keep us from fully trusting that God will take care of us, in good times and bad. We're not saying good grades and hard work have to be given up to be a "good" Christian. We're challenging you to shift to a wildly radical worldview where your success and purpose in school, work, fun, etc. is so that Jesus can work through you to grow you. The Lord has gotten you this far in life. He is urging you to take the next step and trust Him fully in all situations of your life. He has placed other believers and resources in Your life to get you through the journey.

Every week, we desire to grow closer as a group while authentically challenging each other to seriously think more about and better understand why we believe in God and hold faith in Christ. We're not experts at church (none of us have formal seminary, leadership, teaching training or anything close to that). But we DO hope that by being honest and open with each other - our joys and pain - we'll find the courage to encourage, challenge, and build each other up to live a life that demonstrates Christ-like convictions and actions - to be doers, not talkers.

In the end, we're a group of imperfect people from a hodgepodge of spiritual maturity and backgrounds. We may stumble (and likely pretty majorly, too) as we continue with life, but despite that, we want to keep a desire to grow and seek as we move together as a community with a passionate pursuit for Jesus and live out His core values.